Feel the layers of löyly

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Welcome To Sauna

Löyly. The scent of whisks. Songs. Spells.

The sauna is warm and mystical, it glows with old wisdom and guides you to relax. There is no rush anywhere, just floating in the timeless atmosphere.

The central part of a traditional sauna is löyly. Above all, it is a preventative, relaxing and cleansing experience.

It is always good idea to include vihdat in the experience, those lovely green friends from the forest.

The elements of traditional sauna are sounds and scents, spells and songs, as well as various herbal baths. – Perfectly relaxing sauna experience for small groups, but also for lonely wolves.

Have you ever been in sauna? Maybe twice, or more? Are you planning to get just simple sauna experience, or maybe little pinch of greenery, stories and guidance to the old tradition to use sauna for renewal?

Best way to get the sauna session of your dreams is to send an email and tell us what kind of group you are coming with, when, and what you want. It is more human than using a robotic online store.


Finnish sauna experience with flavours of ancient sauna traditions.

Are you planning a sauna experience? Will it be your first time in sauna?

Would you like to go sauna, but it would be your first time ever in sauna? What is happening there? What you need in the sauna? How you should behave there? Traditional Sauna healer is a host, with knowledge about sauna, saunaculture now and then. There is plenty of old traditional ways to use sauna.

Let’s start from basics.

An everyday sauna experience is accidentally meditating, maybe swimming between sauna sessions, little talking about everything between heaven and earth, just sprawling in the sauna. Traditionally, finns use to go in sauna totally naked. In public saunas there might be advice to use swimsuit, especially if there is option to dip in the lake. In private traditional sauna sessions, it is ok to be naked. Sauna is safe place, everyone are equal. And on the other hand, if you want to experience healing vihta treatment, the less you have fabrics between leaves and your skin, it feels always better.


Without löyly, sauna is just a warm storage. Löyly is not just steam, if it is translated like that, you get it completely wrong. It is experienced in many levels, and it can be feel in different ways. Sometimes it is mellow, sometimes iti is strong and intensive. The next point is important: You can enjoy the löyly as long as you want. Just listen yourself, and when ever you feel so, you can sit on lower bench orgo outside and breath fresh air.

Green fellows – vihdat

Vihdat or Vastat are just one runner from the world of herbs. There is plenty of variations, how different plants enrich the experience in the sauna. Vihdassa are the power of Sauna. The birch vihta is an old classic, but sauna healer with just one birch vihta is rare thing. Vihdat can be made almost any type of trees. Vihta can be used by yourself, but it feels best when someone does the treatment for you. To get in touch with your relationship between nature, and most of all, relaxing time in sweet löyly, try healing vihta treatment!

Who can enjoy sauna?

Sauna is suitable for almost everybody. Kids, adults and elderly are welcome. But if you have a fever or if you have an acute inflammation in the body, you should avoid the sauna. Sauna should also be avoided if you are recovering from a heart attack or other acute illness.

Vastassa: Siiri the sauna healer

Photo: Alexander Lembke

Vastassa is finnish word, with meny meanings. It means to facing someone. Also it means to be in the whisk, as you might be if you keep whisk next to your face.

My name is Siiri, I will meet you at the sauna. My thought and wish is that I could enrich the sauna experience, make people and trees get to know each other. If people’s connection to nature would be stronger, I think we could be healthier, happier and less harmful to the environment. And when we sit in sauna, we can see how much people have common. It’s good to make connections, instead of being suspicious.

I have always been very interested things like herbs, nature, old healing cultures and about strenghtening well-being in natural ways. Vihta treatment is a unique process every time. It starts when the branches of the trees are tied together, creating a vihta. – Vasta, vihta, satalatva, simasulka, or metsän kämmen as we say it. A dear thing has many names.

Should we heat the sauna?